About Us


Since 1983, Opgal has provided one of the broadest product lines of innovative thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination camera solutions. Decades of research and development have been invested in state-of-the art and unmatched image-processing capabilities. 


Thermal imaging, widely used in the battlefield, could be used for a wide variety of applications- from the construction site to the veterinarian’s office, from hunting grounds to peripheral security- everyone would benefit from the capability to view the world in infrared.  However, thermal imaging is complex and its current technology has not been cost-effective, sufficiently mobile, nor industrially designed for the professional and consumer markets and therefore not a viable option there. Now Opgal, specialists in thermal imaging and infrared technology, makes all this possible, giving everyone the ability to view the world in infrared.


We’re proud to introduce Therm-App™, a high quality, easy-to-use, developer friendly device that will allow thermal imaging to be more accessible than ever before. Now you can use it too. Safely. Quickly. Efficiently. And all from your mobile phone.