Therm-App® Hz (25Hz Model)

Therm-App Hz is a high-end thermal imaging device for security, safety and other night / outdoor applications. Through its higher 25 Hz frame rate, Therm-App Hz delivers smooth thermal images, especially when the user or the targets observed are on the move, using a variety of interchangeable lenses ranging from 6.8mm to 35mm.

Therm-App Hz is available from Opgal’s distributors worldwide and online.

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Product Features

Superb Image Quality

With its 384 x 288, 17µ thermal detector, combined with our cutting-edge image processing algorithms, Therm-App delivers clear crisp images vital for professional performance in the field, in any lighting or weather conditions.

Interchangeable Lenses

Capturing the images you need often depends on being able to match the optics used. Therm-App offers this flexibility, with lens options ranging from 6.8mm, 13mm, 19mm and 35mm. Select the lens depending on your needs — from long range detection to wider FOV.

Therm-App device

25 Hz Frame Rate

This unique features allow for a better image quality especially when tracking objects on the move, making Therm-App Hz the perfect thermal camera for outdoor applications.

Easy to Use

No installation. No prior technical knowledge. Simply download the Therm-App application, clip the Therm-App device onto your Android device, plug in the USB cable and you’re ready to explore the world in infrared!


Therm-App is designed to be flexible. With its standard 1/4″ mounting thread, the Therm-App device can be mounted onto a wide variety of accessories such as tripods, handles, telescopic poles, etc.

Low Power

When you’re out in the field or on a mission, you can rely only on your Android device to power your Therm-App. With less than 0.5W power consumption, there is no need for an external power source.

Always More to See

We’re focused on keeping pace with changing demands. That’s why we’ve made Therm-App’s developer SDK available to anyone who wants to develop the untapped capabilities of thermal imaging for exciting new user-driven applications. If that’s you, drop us a line.

Possible Applications

Technical Specifications

Minimal RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and above, supporting
Imager384 x 288 pixels (>110,000 pixels )
Optics6.8mm lens (55° x 41°)
13mm lens (29°x 22°)
19mm lens (19°x14°)
35mm lens (11° x 8°)
FocusManual, 0.2m to infinity
Frame Rate25Hz
Weight138 grams / 4.86 ounces
Size55 x 65 x 40mm (2.16 x 2.55 x 1.57in)
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C (14°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Power SupplyNo battery, 5V over USB OTG cable, power consumption < 0.5W
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
Mount/HandleErgonomic handle, using 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount
Device AttachmentClip-on for smartphone (5 -10cm span)
Resolution384 x 288 pixels (>110,000 pixels )
Accuracy+/- 3°C or 3% (@25°C)
SensitivityNETD <0.07°C
Temperature Range Calibration5 – 90 °C
Viewing Modes Night Vision, Basic thermography
OutputVideo & Audio (h.264), Snapshot
Color PalettesHot White / Hot Black / Iron /Rainbow / Grey / Vivid
ZoomContinuous digital zoom using touchscreen
Software and feature updatessYes (via Google Play)
MaintenanceBad pixel repair utility