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Frequently Asked Questions

Which phones are compatible with Therm-App?

Therm-App should be compatible with any phone that  runs Android 7.0 “Nougat” or above and supports USB “host” mode (USB-OTG).

What are the full technical specifications of the Therm-App device?

General Information


384 x 288 pixels (>110k pixels)


LWIR 7.5-14um

Lens Options and FOV

6.8mm Lens (55 x 41⁰ )

19mm Lens (19 x 14⁰)

Frame Rate



 138 grams / 4.87 ounces  (with 19 mm lens)


55 x 65 x40 mm (2.16 x 2.55 x 1.57 in)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C  (-4°F to +122°F)

Power Supply

5V over USB cable

Power Consumption

 Less than 0.5W.



Device Attachment

Clip-on for smartphone (5.8-10cm span)

Mobile Platform Support

USB OTG (On The Go) compatible devices

Mobile OS Compatibility

Android 4.1 and up

Recording and Sharing

Therm-App™ Smartphone App

Imaging Modes


Color temperature mapping: 5°C – 90°C

Available colors: Rainbow, Iron, Grayscale

Enhanced Vision

High-resolution thermal imagery (grayscale night vision)

NETD <0.07 degrees C

What is USB-OTG?

OTG is an abbreviation for “On-The-Go”. It is a specification that allows devices such as smartphones to act as a host, allowing other USB peripheral devices like a USB disk-on-key, mouse, keyboard  or camera to be attached to them (this is why OTG capability is sometimes referred to as “host mode”).

Unlike conventional USB connectivity, in USB-OTG connections the host (in our case the Smartphone) will provide 5V power feed to the peripheral device (in our case the Therm-App device). It will also control and read the raw data from it.

The USB-OTG standard makes use of a special wiring trick inside the USB connector in order to signal the Smartphone that it should become a host. This is why Therm-App only works with  USB-OTG cables. For more info see: or

How do I install Therm-App™ on my phone?

  1. Before plugging in the Therm-App device, visit Google Play and download the free Therm-App Basic app.  
  2. After installing the app, attach the Therm-App device to the back of your mobile device by turning the sizing screw, and ensure that it is firmly attached. If this is your first installation of Therm-App, make sure you have a solid internet connection active on your phone.
  3. Connect the USB-OTG cable to both Therm-App and your mobile device.
  4. Your Android operating system will ask for your permission to associate the USB device with the Therm-App application. Approve and continue.
  5. The Therm-App application will automatically start. 
  6. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  7. At first use, the application will automatically download a calibration package to your phone. This is a one-time procedure.

What if my Therm-App™ device isn’t working?

If this is your first time operating the device, you might want to check our installation guidelines.

If you have already used the Therm-App device, please try the following:

  • Disconnect both sides of the cable, then reconnect it .
  • Restart your phone, then try launching Therm-App again.
  • Uninstall Therm-App, then reinstall Therm-App application.

Does Therm-App™ work on iOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry?

Currently we support Android OS 7.0 and above.

What is the viewing range for Therm-App™?

Based on the Johnson’s criteria, equipped with the default 19mm lens, your Therm-App™ device can spot a moving human target  at up to 500 m (1640 ft.) and a moving vehicle target at up to 1500 m (4921 ft.).

Can I use any USB cable with my Therm-App™ device?

Actually no. Therm-App™ will only work with a USB-OTG (On The Go) cable that allows for both communication and power transfer.

Please note that low quality USB cables may affect the image quality received from your Therm-App™ device.

How do I know which Android version my phone is running?

On most Android phones, you will need to go to your “Setting->About my Phone” to find this information. If you cannot find it,  please contact your mobile phone provider for details.

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