Therm-App TH – PC Reporting and Analysis Software

IRT Cronista® Basic, is a unique tool to organize your infrared images, their evaluation and the generation of significant reports. All functions needed for image management, analysis and report generation are combined in one piece of software.

  • Fast and comprehensive high quality reports of your daily work with one mouse click;
  • Customized layout templates to match your needs;
  • Clearly structured and easy-to-use user interface;
  • Wide range of high-quality and powerful analysis tools.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy one-step report generation in standard Microsoft Word® format
  • Easy exchange of reports with co-workers and customers.
  • Detailed analysis with powerful temperature analysis tools: multi points, multi profile lines, area analysis, hot spot detection, …
  • Analyze multiple infrared images simultaneously with adjustable zoom in analysis mode
  • Easy linking of infrared image, visual image and voice and text notes – automatic or manually.
  • Easily organize your infrared images: quick overview of infrared image, corresponding visual image and text notes.
  • Sophisticated Image Fusion technology
  • Predictive Trending
  • Customized report layout templates
  • Different language settings available

Note: This information, and subsequent sales of the the software, relate to the Basic version of IRT Cronista, please check the Comparison Table below to ensure you understand which features will be available.

User Manual
IRT Comparison Table


Downloading IRT Cronista® 

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Once reviewing your submitted form you’ll be sent with an email with further instructions (please make sure you enter the email and serial number correctly).

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This software is compatible with Therm-App® TH only and will be made available to Therm-App® TH owners.